How My First Info Product is Going

Indie Hackers - December 16, 2020

Michael Lynch (@deliberatecoder)

Why an info product?

  • Want a way to earn money from my blog
  • Book? Live course? Video course?

Video courses sound easy!

  • Daniel Vassallo made his course in 16 hours
    • Earned $150k in under a year

Video courses are hard

  • I fuss a lot over slides and recording
  • I've spent 50-60 hours so far and will likely spend at least 40 hours more

Create an outline

Join a tech blogging community

Commission a cover

The cover

First day of sales

Lower prices

  • Changed top tier from $85 to $60
  • Changed lowest tier from $50 to $30

Amazing stroke of HN luck

Self-ads on my blog

Current stats

Sources of sales

Unexpected Challenges

  1. Recording software (a lot of it sucks, even paid tools)
  2. Writing sales copy
  3. Opportunities to record
  4. Recording a mostly good 20+ minute speech
  5. No native way to do early access on Gumroad

My recording studio

Useful resources